G.I. Industrial Holding, through its Clint brand, now makes it possible to really build a greener future! Clint is the very first in the HVAC sector to offer a complete range of high efficiency units with eco-friendly refrigerant R452B instead of traditional R410A used with Scroll compressors. The use of eco-friendly R452B refrigerant brings together the three key points of the Clint brand philosophy: Respect for the Environment, Efficiency and Versatility. Respect for the Environment means using R452B refrigerant because, thanks to its GWP of 676, it has a 65% lower impact on global warming than R410A which has a GWP of 1,924. Efficiency means choosing R452B refrigerant because it offers coefficients of performance (EER, SEER, COP, SCOP) similar or higher than those of R410A, according to ERP Ecodesign regulations and already in line with parameters foreseen for 2021. Moreover, a reduced frequency of mandatory scheduled maintenance by law and the possibility of avoiding the expensive local Carbon taxes for this kind of refrigerant allow significant savings. Versatility means offering immediately a full range of liquid chillers, both aircooled and watercooled, heat pumps and multifunctional units, from 50kW to 1,220 kW, all using low GWP R452B. In line with its company mission of leader in innovation, with a devoted eye in favour of respect for the environment and with a clear multi-refrigerant strategy, G.I. Industrial Holding has also released the components for units with R454B refrigerant, studied and tested extensively in collaboration with its Technological Partners, thus completing the development of the ranges with low GWP refrigerants. The wideness of models with Scroll compressors in R454B, with immediate availability, is the same offered for R452B units. The R452B represents today the most ecologically, energetically and economically effective choice; however the R454B, even if it is positioned at a lower yield level and lower efficiency, with a GWP value equal to 467, is an excellent solution in cases where the request is specifically focused on this parameter, such as in the Countries in which carbon taxes are applied, increasingly widespread and stringent. VISIT www.gind-greenref.it

25-09-2018: G.I. HOLDING at the Mose in Venice

Mose is one of the greatest engineering projects in the World. It is a system of mobile barriers for the defence of Venice and its lagoon from tides. G.I. Industrial Holding SpA provided the units for air conditioning and dehumidification of underwater galleries and technological systems of Mose, in partnership with the multinational Company SIRAM SpA – VEOLIA Group, responsible for design and execution of the whole HVAC system. The units provided under CLINT and NOVAIR brands are: 83 Heat Pumps and 60 Fan Coil units, 9.000 kW total cooling power; 115 Air Handling Units, 700.000 m3/h total air flow. All units feature special technical solutions and dedicated materials, specifically developed for long resistance in salty environment.

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21-11-2017: G.I. HOLDING Group and FUJITSU GENERAL LIMITED announce a Strategic Collaboration




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